Multiple Chronic Conditions

Teva’s Social Impact Signature Initiative: Uncovering solutions to multiple chronic conditions

Through ongoing conversations with health leaders and patients, we identified an emerging global health challenge. Multiple chronic conditions (MCC) is characterized by the presence of two or more chronic conditions. These can include chronic diseases - most of which are non-communicable, such as cardiovascular diseases, but also some communicable diseases, such as tuberculosis and human immunodeficiency virus.

The growing burden of managing multiple chronic conditions (MCC) magnifies the complexity of treatment, exponentially increases healthcare costs and, most importantly, affects individuals, caregivers, communities, and health systems.

Through multisectoral partnerships, Teva is committed to helping address MCC by supporting design and implementation of evidence-based care programs targeting concrete outcomes. Working together, we have the potential to improve quality of life for people with MCC and their caregivers, while also decreasing health costs to individuals and society.