Teva Highlights Key Milestones Achieved in the 2017 Social Impact Report

Teva's annual social impact report highlights achievements related to the two pillars that drive the Company’s initiatives: building healthy communities and leading a responsible business.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. published its annual social impact report, highlighting achievements related to the two pillars that drive the Company’s initiatives: building healthy communities and leading a responsible business.

Teva’s 2017 Social Impact Report spotlights the company’s commitment to corporate responsibility and transparency, and provides context on its efforts to contribute to healthy communities in ways the business can uniquely support—through safe medicines, collaboration, health initiatives and innovative research. The report also presents six new corporate positions and policies, establishing the company’s commitment to donations, human rights, diversity and inclusion, occupational health and safety, the environment and antimicrobial resistance.

“Since joining the company late last year, I have been motivated by the opportunity to advance our legacy of promoting health. Operating as an ethical, enduring enterprise is critical to continue bringing value to our business, our stakeholders and society,” said Kåre Schultz, President and CEO of Teva. “Social Impact is inherently embedded in our brand, as Teva is uniquely positioned to improve health by offering accessible treatments to millions worldwide.”

Teva also outlined progress on its signature initiative to address the challenges of non-communicable diseases by uncovering solutions to multiple chronic conditions (MCC) with the release of an independent research report, Multiple Chronic Conditions: The Global State, in 2017. The report quantifies health, economic and personal challenges of patients with MCC and the burden on communities and systems.

“We are continuing to focus on engagement with patients, caregivers and communities, ensuring we communicate with them in a cohesive way, and this is a central element of our social impact efforts,” said Iris Beck-Codner, Teva’s Executive Vice President, Global Brand & Communications. “These activities bring our new brand promise to life, enabling people to live better days, and support our goal to make the world a healthier place.”

Contributing to healthy communities

As part of Teva’s ongoing efforts to contribute to healthy communities in 2017, Teva invested $1.8Bin R&D, contributed $82.3M across more than 25 countries through donations, patient assistance and community involvement, and funded more than $350,000 of research on genetic disorders and autism brain mechanisms. Additional efforts included the support of 80 patient programs in 38 countries, reaching more than 300,000 people and convening 17 patient groups via the Improving Health Global Patient Advocacy Dialogue. Finally, Teva assembled global health leaders to discuss potential solutions to MCC at the World Economic Forum Sustainable Development Impact Summit.

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